Now more than ever it's important to rid the body of the kinds of toxins that contribute to so many of the chronic illnesses we see in our communities these days.

Apples & waterOn a daily basis, we're exposed to toxins from alcohol, cigarettes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household cleaning products, pollution, and dental amalgams. There are even toxins in the foods we eat and, despite our best efforts, many of us still end up consuming more sugar, additives, and fats than our bodies need or want, something that deprives us of valuable nutrients. 

In order for our bodies to function efficiently, we need to eliminate these toxins as effectively as possible. When we aren't able to do this, our livers become sluggish, resulting in digestive problems, alcohol intolerance, bloating, decreased energy levels, increased cholesterol, headaches, moodiness, hormonal problems, and various aches and pains. 

The benefits of regular cleansing include clearer skin, increased energy, improved concentration, weight loss, and efficient digestion. 

Drinking plenty of water and eating organic fruits, vegetables, and other foods aids our bodies in ridding themselves of many toxic substances. Avoiding processed foods and coffee as well as replacing regular tea with anti-oxidant rich green tea, and reducing the amount of fats, salt and sugar we consume are also good ways to reduce the load on our livers. So is decreasing our intake of red meat and dairy products.

In addition to paying attention to your diet, consider detoxifying in other ways, such as using a sauna on a weekly basis or giving yourself a detoxifying foot bath

For more ideas on how to detoxify your body, please drop by the clinic. We can help you come up with a plan that will have you feeling better in no time.