Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "universal life energy" and the aim of reiki treatments is to revitalize the body's natural healing energy and to harmonize body, mind and spirit.

Among the many benefits of reiki are:

  • it promotes self-healing
  • it strengthens the immune system
  • it relaxes and reduces stress
  • it balances the organs and glands
  • it relieves pain and clears toxins
  • it treats symptoms and causes of diseases


Our clinic practices reiki in accordance to the original teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui, a Tendai Buddhist monk who originated the practice in Japan in the early 20th century.

Reiki treats the whole person through gentle touch and a standard series of hand postions that direct healing energy to where it is needed in the body. It's a simple, natural and safe method of healing that can be used in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques to promote recovery.

All reiki treatments at our clinic are administered by a trained Reiki Master.